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Pacific Office Automation’s president is Doug Pitassi. He has guided this firm to become the gold standard in the area, capable of resolving a wide range of printing and copying issues. He works hard to keep up with the newest innovations in the sector, constantly utilizing the most current technology while also supporting his key employees and staff members. He has considerably developed the firm over the years, allowing him to assist both large and small clients. As a result, he has one of the most experienced, dependable, and inventive teams in the business, serving as a model for those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Throughout his boyhood, he was always interested in assisting others. He was involved in the local community and had close ties with his family and friends. He attended Portland State University after graduating from high school, where he was involved in a number of student life activities. He took lessons in a variety of subjects until he worked out how to apply his talents in a way that would not only challenge him academically but also put him in a position to assist others. He excelled at Portland State University, where he earned a BA in 1985.

Douglas Pitassi left school to work for Pacific Office Automation, where he has stayed for more than three decades. Pacific Office Automation was formed in 1976 in Portland, Oregon, but under the supervision and leadership of Doug Pitassi, the firm has grown tremendously. Pacific Office Automation started with selling copy machines. Doug Pitassi joined the firm more than 30 years ago, and during his leadership, the company has grown significantly, continually supplying cutting-edge technology and award-winning machinery to clients around the country.

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